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content marketing at www.xtreme-assistant.comWith the recent evolution of  online marketing, a new branch has been created called content marketing.  There has rapidly become a growing need to offer quality and engaging content to your target audience. Although almost 75% of marketers are investing aggressively in the content section of their marketing strategy, the best solution for producing good content is still a question for many.

There are two basic reasons for this struggle — high-quality and the cost incurred to achieve it. There is an old saying that quality comes at a price but as a marketer, there is another solution that may change your perspective. Contentmart is a leading digital content marketplace to outsource routine content mareketing requirements such as SEO, blogs, articles, emails, and more.

Many marketers today are struggling with the budget and finding such a solution for content marketing requirements.  With Contentmart, you will receive high quality on a shoestring budget.  Here is a quick rundown of the best features it offers:


Say NO to Missing Deadlines

In a competitive business environment where the due date is the greatest definitive factor, outsourcing a business process can help you meet your deadline demands. To ensure that their content buyers are totally secure in their dealings, Contentmart has recently implemented a policy that requires the customer to pay only half of the order cost should the writer miss the given order deadline.


Thousands of Freelance Writers to Choose From

With a worldwide base, Contentmart offers a pool of freelance writers from all around the world. From native speakers to experienced wordsmiths, such a wide talent pool guarantees that each content marketing based need is met with quality written composition.

They offer multilingual content writing services, so it does not make any difference what dialect your business operates, or the market or audience it serves. Your advertising endeavors will be on target for the best outcomes. This generally may cost much more with internal resources.


Quality Does Matter

They have a wide range of price offerings, depending upon the writer’s level of expertise. Contentmart has made profiting quality content simple for content marketing buyers by making star-ratings that define the quality level a writer can offer. Beginning from $0.005/word and going up to $0.15/word, the platform has an enormous assortment to offer as far as various writing styles and costs are concerned.


You Don’t Pay Until You’re Satisfied

The best piece of this commercial content delivery platform is the payment system. When you put in an order request, the order price gets blocked/escrowed and is discharged or credited to the writer only when you are 100% happy with the content delivered. So, you can reject the content and pay nothing for it if you are not happy.

Another great point is the free registration. As a content marketing buyer, you can enroll on the platform for free and utilize your cash just for the content buying process. Including both these perspectives make Contentmart a win-win bargain for content marketing buyers.


Value for Time

Working with a platform like Contentmart can save you a great deal of beneficial business time.  On this platform you just enroll yourself, include the required cost into your platform wallet, make a request for your prerequisite, get various offers from expert freelance writers, select the best match, and get your content within the chosen due date. It’s that simple!


Stay Connected with Potential Writers

This digital platform offers you an opportunity to stay connected with prospective writers progressively through their chat system. This connection not only benefits you by choosing the correct writer for your request, but is even practical for replying to author’s questions (in the event that they have any during the writing process).  For instance, you may want to be in consistent touch with the author to ensure they comprehend your requirements.


To sum it up:

For quick content, Contentmart can be one of the wisest business decisions made. Experience for yourself the magic that Contentmart writers can add to your business communications. To explore this platform, click here and practice a hassle-free search for a talented freelance writer.



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