Help! My Child Is Behind in School and I Don’t Know What to Do

Find an online tutor at www.xtreme-assistant.comHow can you start out behind?  This realization brings a feeling of failure before the new school year has even begun. Although the education system in America has many problems, one of which is constantly allowing students to be promoted to the next grade regardless of their failing to meet the standards required to be promoted, there are many things that parents can do at home to help their child succeed and grow as much as possible.



Read, read, read everything in sight!

Children of all ages need to hear fluent adults reading to them on a regular basis. This helps them to develop expressiveness in reading, fluency and accuracy, increase vocabulary, and better understand figurative language.

It also greatly influences a child when they see that their parents or guardians love to read and have a respect for education in the home. Although chapter books and novels are wonderful, reading in the home does not always have to be a 500-page book. Students can read the newspaper, magazines, product catalogs for their favorite toys, the outside of the cereal box, the instructions for the playhouse that dad is trying to build, anything! The basis of all education throughout your entire life is reading and comprehending content all around you, in both educational and practical life settings.

This was my favorite time of the day when my son was young. We had bed time reading every night. He was always one of the top readers in his class and today is an avid reader! Find great book deals here.


See math in every place you go!

I love to see parents in the grocery store, teaching their children to add up the cost of the items in the cart, calculate the discount on the item based on the price and sale sign, or to count nutritional information on the sides of products. It is vital that students understand that math will be used in their everyday lives as adults and they must know how to perform basic calculations. They may not use advanced calculus every day, but they will need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

You can help them to see math problems in the bank, grocery store, gas station, restaurant, and even public restrooms! For example, if you estimate that every person uses two paper towels per visit and 30 people come in to the restroom per day, how many paper towels are used daily?

A funny story of when my son was young…we were working on math homework and even though the lesson didn’t cover negative integers, we went over it. The next day he mentioned it in school and the teacher didn’t like it much. Oops! 😉


Increase vocabulary every chance you get!

With today’s technology and students’ understanding of that technology, there is no reason why students should be using the same verbiage in their writing. If you notice that your child is repeating the same words over and over to describe situations or write notes, encourage them to look up words in a thesaurus, as well as teach them other words that are a part of your vocabulary. You can even have a word of the day where you learn a new word and the whole family tries to use it as much as possible that day. Some families might even want to make it into a game or a competition.


Make learning fun!

Utilizing technology, art, music, dance, and all other types of creativity, students can learn, grow, and express themselves across all subjects of education. Instead of simply regurgitating facts, students can present information they have learned in a wide variety of presentations.

The most important thing is to find out what the student is interested in, be it skateboarding, football, princesses, drawing, singing, or bugs! If you can think of a way for a student to research and learn or share what they are learning using the subjects they are interested in or feel they are good at, they will be 100% more invested in the project.


Be there!

While I have known some very wonderful parents who were extremely involved in their child’s education and did everything they could to help their child succeed, the sad fact is that more parents than not have simply left education up the school. While it obviously takes a great teacher to make a difference in a child’s educational career, their parents and guardians have an enormous impact on their opinion of education and how they view their success or failure in school.

While most parents are working hard just to provide for their children and may not have time to be involved at the school or may not have many hours at home with the child, do everything physically possible to be there for them. Be involved, ask questions, follow up, keep them accountable, know what’s going on in their education, and be their most personal educational example of how we should all strive to be life-long learners to better ourselves and our lives.


If you find that your child needs additional help, search for an online tutor today!

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Simple Solutions to Enjoying Your Summer Vacation Travel

vacation travel planning at

Family summer vacation travel season is upon us. It is a great way to create memories with our loved ones. However, traveling can sometimes be complex and stressful. Here are some simple ways you can take the pain out of your next trip.

  • If you are a frequent traveler, check with the airports you frequent to see if they a “fast lane” line that you can get approved for. A back ground check is done to provide you with a security clearance card.
  • Be aware of any events taking place in your destination city that could affect your travel plans (especially if it is a big convention city).
  • Make sure you have a picture ID and that your name matches the boarding pass. Know if a passport or Visa is required for your trip.
  • Make sure to take plenty of snacks to tie you over between meals.
  • Take along plenty of cash to use as tips during your trip.
  • Be prepared for security checks:
    • Remove any electronics from carry-on luggage (tape a card with your name and contact information on your electronics);
    • Have liquids in 3oz bottles and in a see through, one1 quart zip lock bag.
    • If traveling with a pet, be sure to bring a leash so carriers can be properly screened.
    • Make sure you are not carrying any weapons including a pocket knife.
  • Give yourself enough time to arrive at the airport early (1-2 hours).

Note – most airports are busiest from 9am to 11am and from 4pm to 7pm; reconfirm international flights 24 to 48 hours before departure.

Travel Resources

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – homeland security is changing their security procedures all the time. Please check their website for the latest news. You will find a list of prohibited items for carry-on luggage here.
  • Easy Click Travel – full-service online travel agency for bargain shoppers.
  • Minimus – travel-sized and individual sized items. Since the TSA regulates liquids, make sure you have travel sizes and pack them in a clear quart-sized zip-lock bag. Check the TSA website beforehand for current restrictions.
  • Juice Beauty products now come in travel sizes for your summer vacations.
  • Handle your baggage wisely. Use one of the luggage services below. Don’t let this be you:

  • Luggage Forward – a convenient and affordable alternative to carrying and checking bags.
  • Luggage Free –  a specialty service giving you the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide. Avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.
  • Pingo – a pre-paid calling card service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience.
  • Fodor’s Travel Guidebooks: FREE S&H – guidebooks for over 300 destinations worldwide. Includes up-to-date travel information, in-depth restaurant and hotel reviews, and smart travel tips to make vacation planning easier.
  • Learn the language of your summer vacation travel destination and save up to 25% off + Free S&H storewide using code SAVENOW.
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  • – helps you find parking nationwide.
  • Travel e-planner – get checklists, travel meal planners, log sheets, templates, and more!

Find a great sizzling summer vacation travel read:

Whether you’re headed to the beach, taking an urban adventure, or headed overseas, these suppliers have the perfect travel companion for wherever you roam. Book your next reading adventure now!

  • AudioBooksNow – online audiobook download and streaming service.
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  • Dover – offers books and eBooks for every age and interest.
  • Random House – nearly 250 editorially and creatively independent publishing imprints.
  • Chronicle – an independent publisher with a large selection.

Take summer vacation travel pictures to preserve memories

Then edit them with PicMonkey to create even more fun and creative images. Include some anecdotes and fun captions. Create a personalized photobook for each member of the trip.

You can also use a free photo printing app, Printicular which works with Walgreens, dm drogerie, Kodak Alaris and other retailers. Send pictures straight from your mobile device, social media, or cloud storage. You can even order home delivery.

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Find Work-At-Home Opportunities That Work

Whether you jump in your car with a mug of coffee, battle traffic before you battle office politics, you’re a stay-at-home mom, or you’re working from home and wondering how to find focused work, you know you don’t want to do it forever.

I get it! I jump in the car and battle traffic for about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening Monday through Friday.  Several of my friends work from home and I’m working in that direction. We all have different reasons for starting down this path. Maybe we were looking to: Continue reading

WARNING: Your computer/network is at risk!

You and your employees should be aware of a significant and malicious ransomware known as WannaCry (or WanaCrypt) that is currently spreading across Windows PCs in organizations worldwide. You may want to make your employees and customers aware of the impact that this threat could have. Your files could be encrypted and held for ransom by the attacker.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to prevent access to computer systems and files, either by locking the system or the files until a ransom is paid.  This Ransomware, also categorized as Crypto-Ransomware, encrypts files and systems preventing access until a ransom is paid.  This type of malware is also known for theft of different types of data on infected systems.

WannaCry first appeared on Friday, May 12. The number of exploit attempts dropped slightly on Saturday and Sunday but remained quite high. Exploit numbers increased on Monday, presumably as people returned to work after the weekend.

WannaCry searches for and encrypts 176 different file types and affixes .WCRY to the end of the file name. It asks users to pay a $300 ransom in bitcoins. The ransom note indicates that the payment amount will be doubled after three days. If payment is not made after seven days, the encrypted files will be deleted.

Any unpatched Windows computer is potentially susceptible to WannaCry. Organizations are particularly at risk because of its ability to spread across networks and a number of organizations globally have been affected, the majority of which are in Europe. However, individuals can also be affected.

Be aware that those with Norton Security products installed, active, and up-to-date are protected against this threat. Now is the perfect time to acquire the Norton Security line! Get $30 off Norton Security Standard for a one year subscription through June 28th!
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