About Jeana

(pronounced like Gina)
I have been in the corporate world my entire career and have 25+ years of experience in the office environment of several different business industries. I became a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) in 2013 and am a member of several professional associations. They help keep me up on my knowledge and skill sets as well as provide leadership opportunities.

I have served my professional associations in many different capacities but it was while serving as newsletter editor that I realized how much I like to write. That’s when I decided to pursue the virtual assistant (VA) business. I liked the idea of being able to help other people in their business and provide useful information.  And my blog was born.

I also like the idea of owning my own business and being my own boss. I get to decide who I want to work with and what type of work to do. There is a lot to building a business but I’m determined to make it happen and be successful.  My mission is to enhance the success of my clients by effectively developing and providing products, training, mentoring, and resources using my strong organizational skills through an orderly and timely approach.

Please visit my Services page to find out how I can help you be more successful and visit my LinkedIn page to learn more about me and my professional history.

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Wishing you the best!